The Brand

Inevitabile is a fashion house created in 2017 by Delphine Descamps which designs a clothing line for girls from 4 to 14 years old.

Our Creative Proposal

Inevitabile endeavors to explore the beauty and infinite creative potential of embroidery, one of the most ancestral techniques of distinction and embellishment in the history of costume and fashion.

Each model is individually embroidered with patterns that reflect and absorb light creating light effects and shades specific to jewelry. Inevitabile’s embroideries attract attention by a subtle play between order and disorder, between the unpredictable and the repetition.

Inevitabile products feature cuts characterised by a great simplicity, timeless and essential feminine forms, but also symbolic colors that provide the right background for the embroideries luster: many pinks, pure whites, or cream, ivory tones, deep, eternal blues, as well as bright blues.

The result is a collection of garments which, both in summer and winter, recall images of grace and elegance we thought long past.

Made in Italy and made in Europe

Inevitabile's styles are made with fabrics from renowned Italian companies. These fabrics are natural, innovative within the tradition, resistant and sophisticated.

Dobby cotton, piqué and chambray poplin are available each season in a range of blouses, tunics, blouses, skirts, shorts and soft-as-silk dresses that are particularly pleasing to wear for children. Boiled wool, knitwear and fine textured linens complete the range of products with coats and light jackets.

Faced with an industry that floods the market with disposable garments, the cost of which is often synonymous with unacceptable working conditions and a negative impact on the environment, Inevitabile, with its 100% European production cycle, chooses to respect those which manufacture and buy its products.