The Designer

From the European Parliament to first collection of “Made in Europe” shirts 

At the birth of my third child, I decided to leave my job as an economist in the European Parliament to be free to spend more time with my family.

As the daughter of an entrepreneur, I had always been attracted by the idea of starting my own company, but beyond that the idea of creating something new, especially in regards to fabrics and embroidery that had always fascinated me. Then one day, I realized that the majority of the items in my wardrobe consisted of blouses and embroidered shirts- exactly the type of clothing I had been searching for to dress my daughters in. It hit me then, that there was no such thing on the market. Everything I had found in the shops until now, seemed boringly common or worse plain ugly. As for the quality of the items, they were often threaded and unwearable by the end of the season. By then the idea, had already been budding in my mind: "what if I created a company to produce children's blouses that match my own needs and style?".


The passion of beautiful fabrics made in Italy

I was lucky enough to live a few years in Italy and it was during this period that I discovered the exceptional quality of Italian shirt making. 

These fabrics are timeless, simple but precious, chic while also timelessly classic all at the same time. Blouses made with these fabrics are very pleasant to wear for children. I wanted my shirts to reflect what I love (simplicity and refinement), what I believe in (the quality and respect of those who make and buy them) and my passions (art and the cultures of the world).

From this Inevitabile style was born!

Carrelage polychrome Iranien 17ème siècle 

Embroidery inspired by history of art

The Inevitabile style has a leitmotiv: fabrics in basic colours (white, cream, ivory, pink, pale blue, navy blue), a form of "signature" embroidery. The embroidery is never printed on the shirt, in order to avoid an eye sore, and the special pattern is what gives each shirt its special quality!

The embroidery, reminds me of real jewels. I take inspiration from world heritage of ornament-making (ceramics, architecture and mosaics among other creations). The final product, is the fruit of long hours walking through museums and specialized collections, but also field work from many long journeys around the world. Knowing the origin of these embroideries is a way of transmitting to children their own eye and interest for art and history.

Chemisiers dans l'atelier

The desire to transmit dreams, stories and values

For me, shirts represent a bit of my family history. I still have a blouse my great-grandmother hand made when she was a teenager. When I was handed it down, memories resurfaced: family celebrations, Sunday meals, special scents ... I was struck by the quality of the fabric as I first touched it. "What clothes will we pass on to our children ?", I asked myself. It is for this reason that all of Inevitabile's shirts and blouses are made with Italian fabrics manufactured by a company renowned for their excellence and quality of their threads for more than a century. In addition, Invevitable uses German threads which are not only resistant to wear and tear but also ecologically friendly.  

The shirts will follow your children on their journeys, and while they will outgrow them they will survive to tell many happy tales.